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• YAG Laser

A cloudy capsule interferes with good vision in a similar way a cloudy cataract lens blocks good vision. When this "secondary" cataract develops, the YAG laser can be used to create an opening in the capsule and a clear path for light to enter the eye. Vision can be restored quickly and painlessly with this outpatient laser procedure.

The YAG laser is a surgical instrument that produces a short pulsed, high-energy light beam that can be precisely focused by computer to cut, perforate or fragment tissue. While being treated with the YAG laser, the patient sits in a chair in front of the laser. The doctor focuses the YAG laser onto the cloudy capsule using a special aiming beam. The laser beam passes through the cornea and the lens implant. As the beam reaches its focal point on the cloudy capsule, the energy becomes highly concentrated and creates a new window in the capsule. The procedure only takes a few minutes.

What to expect the day of treatment:
• Eating and drinking as normal is allowed before arriving. • We treat one eye at a time. • The eye that is being treated will be dilated before the procedure. By opening the pupil of the eye, the doctor is able to see the lens implant and the cloudiness he will be treating. • Following the procedure, patients are asked to remain in the office 45 minutes to allow a measurement of the eye pressure. • Medicated drops are used to promote healing after the treatment. Some patients may require aspirin or Tylenol. • A driver is not necessary to take a patient home following treatment, although some patients choose to bring a driver due to light sensitivity following dilation.



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